Electric Automotive Market Crisis

Lack of Performance

Owing to the internal architecture of Li-Ion batteries, they lack pick-up that is so wanted in congested/high-traffic roads and hilly regions.

Long Charging Time

Typical charging time of batteries is 2-6 hours. Even for batteries with shorter charging time, the time spent on charging is still a large portion of the total operation time.

Uneconomical Battery Life

A typical Li-Ion battery, integrated with a battery management system, has a life of only about 400-600 cycles meaning that battery must be replaced every 1-1.5 years.

Poor Performance at High Temperatures

Motor controllers available today cannot perform efficiently in higher temperatures and degrade quickly. This leads to shorter battery life than predicted.

Limited Charging Space

Due to long charging time and limited parking space, a charging station can only serve a small number of vehicles. This wastes precious time and is also uneconomical for the charging station.

Limited “Last Mile” Connectivity

Though many public transport systems are switching to green energy, a complete pollution-free trip is available only in small areas.


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