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Adarin ET is determined to develop mobility technologies that have zero emission and zero carbon footprint on the environment.


3-Wheeler Redefined

Product Highlights
5 Minutes Charging
70 km Range
60°C Ambient Temperature Operation
93% Efficient Forced Air-Cooled Motor
Over 25,000 Cycles Life Expectancy
Zero Emissions
Designed and Developed in India

The Electric Autorickshaw is a one of its kind vehicle that runs on our proprietary Instant Charge Batteries and incorporates many of our patented technologies. Unlike typical batteries that take a few hours to charge, Instant Charge Batteries charge within 5 minutes, can run up to 70 km in one charge and have a life-cycle of over 25,000 charges.

Designed and developed in India, the Electric Autorickshaw comes with a Liquid Cooled Motor Controller and a high-power density Forced Air Cooled PMDC Motor that can work in ambient temperatures as high as 60°C.

Sophisticated technologies such as the Battery Management System, Vehicle Management System and the Digital Dashboard make the Electric Autorickshaw a rugged and powerful beast built to ply on rough terrains.

Product Specifications
Motor Type PMDC
Motor Efficiency 93%
Rated Motor Power 8 kW
Charging Time 5 minutes
Top Speed 50 km/h
Maximum Range per Charge 70 km
Curb Weight 350 kg
Max Pay Load 500 kg
Transmission Fixed Reduction with Differential
Gradeability 28%


Operation Operation Operation Operation Operation

Liquid-Cooled Motor Controller

Our indigenously developed Liquid-Cooled Motor-Controller provides 30 kW of continuous output power and peak power of 40 kW.

  • With temperatures reaching as high as 43ºC during summers in India, most motor-controllers available in the market are practically unusable.
  • After laborious research and thermal simulations, we have created a motor controller that can work efficiently even at 60ºC.
    Product Highlights:
Battery Management System

The Battery Management System is designed to regulate the voltages of each battery in the battery bank during charging and helps in harnessing their power most efficiently.

  • Lithium Batteries are not environment-friendly, have limited life cycle and will keep you waiting for hours to charge.
  • Clubbed with our advance Capacitor Management System, they can charge within 5 minutes, give you a life of more than 25,000 recharges, are very stable at high temperatures and are environment-friendly.
    Product Highlights:
Forced Air Cooled Motor

IP20 Rated, the Forced Air Cooled PMDC Motor has an efficiency of 93%, weighs only 11 kg and available in voltage rating of 48 V and 72 V. These are rugged motors with long brush life and interchangeable shaft.

  • Together with our Motor Controller, they provide a smooth riding experience even over rough and hilly terrains. With over 30 years of R&D experience, our motors also powered the first electric helicopter in the world!"
    Product Highlights:
Vehicle Management System

To enhance the driving experience, a Vehicle Management System controls the operation of the vehicle. It is capable of estimating the distance the vehicle can travel based on the charge left in the batteries. It has an EEPROM with a unique device ID that not only stores the ODOMETER reading but can also detect tampering of data.

  • Vehicles breakdown.
    We can worry about what went wrong and start meddling with the system. Call the service station for assistance or we can let the VMS point to the source of error.
  • The Vehicle Management System is designed to continuously check if all units of the vehicle are functioning properly and maintain an elaborate list of errors to pinpoint faulty units.
    It stores ODOMETER value and predicts the range of the vehicle based on variable parameters.
    Product Highlights:
Digital Dashboard

A 3.5” LCD screen along with three buttons make up the Digital Dashboard of the vehicle. Graphics and icons are no longer a constraint. With an onboard flash memory, custom graphics can be easily loaded into the memory.

  • It has various options for themes, brightness control and can show the following information:
  • Start-up Animation
  • Speed
  • Power/Torque
  • Battery State-of-Charge
  • Distance Left until Battery Drain
  • TRIP
  • Motor Temperature
  • Error Codes

The Dashboard works as an independent unit and can be integrated into other compatible systems.

    Product Highlights:
DC-DC Converter

The DC-DC Converter has been specially designed to meet the power requirements of electrical sub-systems. Taking an input of up to 65 V from a power source and giving a regulated output of 12 V. It can drive a load of 200 W.

    Product Highlights:
Our Mission

To constantly inculcate sustainable engineering practices and introduce innovative products that increase efficiency

The Motomatic Automatic Process.

This concept is based on implementation of 'Intelligent Driver Logic' programmed in a vehicle to achieve maximum mileage benefits. Through our extensive research we have identified five different driving conditions namely.

  • Frequent start - stop
  • Bumper to bumper drive
  • Low speed city drive (5 - 20 kmph)
  • Medium city drive (20 - 50 kmph)
  • Highway cruising (> 60 kmph)
Technologies Our expertise lies in
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